Darrell L. Gates, Former Deputy Commissioner

New Hampshire Employment Security

"I have been a State Administrator for 7 years. Over that time I have met and worked with many vendors who have sold and  promised to deliver information technology products that would make our operation more efficient and would enhance customer service. Most of these projects have had their share of disappointments, delays or cost increases. When I first met Jyothi of SymbioSys, she said that her company could deliver what they promised, on time and within budget. I recall telling her that many vendors prior to her had promised the same thing and frankly, I was disenchanted with technology. Jyothi said her team would be the one to restore my faith in technology. I can honestly say that they have. SymbioSys took the time to learn our business, recommend solid solutions, and deliver them on time and within budget. New Hampshire now has a smart and easy Internet alternative for its citizens to file their unemployment compensation claims. I would highly recommend SymbioSys to any other State Workforce Agency considering an information technology project."

Dianne Callahan, Program Specialist & Project Manager, Internet UI Claims

New Hampshire Employment Security

Excerpts from Dianne’s Acceptance Speech for this year’s Commissioner’s Leadership Award (the highest annual award bestowed on an NHES employee).

"This award is not just for me.  If I did not have the support of my supervisors, the excellent working relationship with the BAU staff, and IT (especially Linda Nalette, Systems Development Specialist V), and a relationship of respect and mutual goals with SymbioSys Solutions, Inc. (the vendor for the Internet project), I would not have received this award.  They all make me look good.  My sincere thanks to the Commissioner and the Department for recognizing all our efforts.  It would take many pages to thank each individual who has contributed to my success.  I do thank each and everyone of you."

Philippe Coueignoux, President

EPrio, Inc.

"ePrio engaged SymbioSys Solutions, Inc. to scale and enhance performance of our e-recruitment product, tEC, the Electronic Confidant. The project involved a SQL database application accessible through the Internet.

Before recommending a technology solution, SymbioSys positively stepped into ePrio's shoes, to understand and share our business objectives.  They  truly enriched ePrio's concept instead of simply confining themselves to providing engineering services.

Also, SymbioSys clearly values long-term relationships.  ePrio benefited from their willingness to go the extra mile to ensure the success of our project, enabling us to go on to the next step.

Finally SymbioSys' implementation delivered excellent results.  

I believe that any company seeking IT services in this and other related domains of expertise will greatly benefit by engaging SymbioSys Solutions, Inc."